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Vi kommer att belöna dom 70 första anmälda med Early bird bonus. Slutsålt!

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We will reward early registrators with the Early bird bonus. Sold out!

We are aiming for 300 participants and will give out 70 Swedish and 20 International Early Bird spots. 

We will also give our International guests an extra discount. 

Early bird Swedish: 1500 SEK
Regular Swedish:1700 SEK
Early Bird International:1300 SEK
Regular International:1500 SEK
Party pass:300 SEK/night or 600 SEK for the whole weekend

Free Passes
If you have won a free pass at another event, please leave a comment in your registration. You will get an automated email with the regular price but we will adjust the price and send you a new confirmation.

In exchange for Judging, we will offer a 50% discount on the event pass for Advanced level dancers and free passes for All-Star level dancers. This should be agreed with the Event director.

Please note that we aim to maintain a good leader/follower balance for Rock the Barn. This means we can accept your registration right away if you register with a partner, but you may end up on a waiting list if you register alone. This also applies if you qualify for a free pass or discount.